Spanish English Translation, Interpreting and Language Consulting

Clients and Activities

My clients past and present include companies, translation agencies, and private individuals in Australia and overseas. For some, translation is a one-off need; others develop long-term working relationships. In some instances I have worked on legal submissions or technical manuals over a period of several months, and translated personal documents for members of entire families over the course of several years.

Content creation and editing services form another aspect of my work. Effective translation necessarily involves topic comprehension and creative writing, which are equally applicable in monolingual contexts. After my studies at UWS I went on to lecture and tutor there in the early 2000s, where also I wrote two major course handbooks on Community Translation and Specialised Translation that have remained in use for several years. One recent project involved going on-site with an engineering firm, disassembling and photographing devices with the engineers, then writing a series of illustrated assembly manuals.