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Buying Non-Certified Professional Translations

This FAQ is primarily intended to help answer your questions about Certified Translations of personal documents in Australia, and about the Certified (‘NAATI Accredited’) Translators who perform them. But as it happens, the bulk of translating worldwide is done for enterprises in fields such as law, finance, advertising, computers and software, pharmaceuticals, aviation, and engineering. The agencies and companies who subcontract such work are less concerned about outside certification (like NAATI) and more interested in translators with specialised backgrounds and relevant work experience. They want individuals with a proven ability to deliver consistent quality, and working relationships are built over periods of years.

You might not always need certified translations of personal documents. Maybe you have material that will not have some kind of official use or legal consequences within Australia. For example:

  • personal and business correspondence
  • advertising material for your business or website
  • special interest information from another country

The fact that you don’t need certification does not mean you want to sacrifice quality, so look for reputable professional providers. Thanks to the Internet you can find them in Australia and around the world, and prices vary from country to country.

If you want something translated from English into another language then the overseas option can be cost-effective. That does not mean you will get quality professional translations ‘cheap’. Exchange rates, competition, and the law of supply and demand certainly affect the prices you pay, but any competent and ethical professional has standards to maintain, no matter where they live.
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