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Do Certified Translations cost more?

Generally speaking, yes. There are several reasons for this.

  • A Certified Translation needs to be printed on paper, with each page stamped and initialled by the translator, and a signed declaration on the last page.
  • The process of preparation and layout requires time and skill.
  • Quality control is more involved because the document will be final and definitive.
  • The source document is often a paper copy, fax or scan, and the translator has to recreate the layout by hand, or read carefully to extract relevant details.
  • Paper hard copies require postage, frequently by certified mail.
  • Digitally stamped and signed translations (as scans or PDFs) are becoming more widespread but still require stamping, signing and scanning.

These tasks all involve extra time and effort compared to translating an electronic document and returning it by email as a digital file. The price charged is variable and depends on the number of words, the time spent, printing and postage costs, and extras like proofreading or witnessing by a Justice of the Peace.
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