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Free Certified Translations provided by the Australian Government

Certain people qualify to receive certified translations for official use without paying any fees. So before you go looking for a translator on your own, it’s worth investigating if this assistance applies to you.

The free translation service is administered by the Australian Federal Government through its Department of Immigration and Citizenship (‘DIAC’). Here are some of the conditions that apply:

“Eligibility period
Documents can only be accepted for the free translating service within a period of two years after the date of either:
the client’s initial arrival in Australia with a permanent visa, eligible temporary/provisional visa or citizenship
the grant of an onshore permanent visa or eligible temporary/provisional visa.
Note: For holders of the eligible temporary/provisional visa subclasses, the eligibility period is from the date of grant of their temporary/provisional visa or their arrival in Australia, whichever is later.
Personal documents eligible for translation
The free translating service is available for translating documents into English.
Personal documents intended for settlement purposes are accepted for free translation. Personal documents required for a visa application are not accepted.
Unless otherwise stated, all personal documents will be extract summary translations up to 100 words.  The only exceptions to this include: Custody Documents and Medical Certificates/reports (both word-for-word format up to five pages), Vaccination Records and Academic Transcripts (both in extract summary format up to five pages), and Employment References (in extract summary format up to 300 words)”.

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