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Translations of Overseas Drivers Licences

If you just want to use your overseas Drivers Licence as a way of proving your identity, then a Certified Translation from any Certified Translator should be sufficient. But remember, this will not automatically allow you to use your overseas licence to drive in Australia.

If you DO want to use your overseas Drivers Licence to allow you to drive within Australia, then the kind of certified translation you need will normally depend on whether you are:

The exact conditions can vary between states. Here in New South Wales, traffic matters are handled by the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) and enforced by the NSW Police.

The RTA publishes comprehensive information on its website:
In particular, see the RTA fact sheet:

In summary, if you are a temporary overseas visitor then a certified translation of your licence is enough. If you plan to stay then you need a translation from a special department belonging to the NSW government. See the individual headings in this FAQ for more information.
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