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What is a Certified Full Translation?

A Certified Full Translation (or a “Word-for-Word” translation) is a recreation of the entire source document, and has the stamp and signature of a Certified Translator. It translates every word of the source document and follows its appearance and layout, replicating:

  • margins
  • pagination
  • headings
  • indenting
  • font sizes
  • bolding, italics and underlining
  • footnotes
  • stamps and seals
  • special features (like handwritten notes).

A full translation is an exhaustive rendering that can be compared side-by-side and line-by-line with the source document. Such visible attention to detail can be a consideration if you are preparing official applications and want to present the most authoritative-looking documentation possible (consult your lawyer or immigration agent). It also offers a pleasing aesthetic aspect for items such as certificates or diplomas that you might want to display.
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