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When MUST I get a Certified Translation in Australia?

If you are dealing with an official department or institution and need to submit documents written in a foreign language, then you will almost certainly be asked for Certified Translations of certain kinds of paperwork. If you have an immigration case officer, lawyer, or migration agent, then they will tell you. But to give you an idea, here are some of the types of Main Documents or records that require Certified Translations:

  • birth
  • marriage
  • divorce
  • death
  • legal change of name
  • police and judicial clearances (‘criminal record’)
  • drivers licences*
  • passports
  • identity cards
  • any other supporting documents indicated to you by a government department, court of law etc.

* Drivers Licences are a special case. See the separate heading for more information.

Supporting Documents can be any kind of documents that the authorities think will be useful to them in dealing with your particular case. These can include:

  • employment records
  • character references
  • educational diplomas and qualifications
  • academic records
  • bank statements
  • medical insurance policies
  • share, investment and superannuation details
  • guarantees of financial support
  • company statements
  • military service records

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