Spanish English Translation, Interpreting and Language Consulting



Spanish is the official language in 20 countries, and English is official in 54; each has around 400 million native speakers worldwide, and millions more use them as second languages.  Then there is Portuguese, with around 250 million speakers and official in 8 countries including the world’s sixth largest economy by GDP: Brazil.

That represents an enormous market and opportunity, brought even closer by the power of the world wide web. Your company may already be exploring this potential and needs to understand legal submissions and technical reports; or perhaps process import/export applications or relocate personnel.


Backed by solid professional training, linguistic competence and research, Mine Your Language can handle your complex translation tasks in law, commerce, finance, industry and related fields. As well as providing Spanish <> English (bidirectional) services, I have over ten years’ experience in the international market translating the same types of material from Portuguese (Brazil, Macau, East Africa) and Catalan (Barcelona) into English.

In some cases you may need to have your translations certified – for example, customs declarations, import/export papers and other similar documentation for official use. Just click on the FAQ tab to find out more about the different classes of translation (and the kinds of translators who perform them).


Whatever your needs, Mine Your Language has them covered with full Professional Qualifications and NAATI Accreditation. Here are some examples of work completed over almost two decades, comprising literally millions of words for many scores of clients:

  • civil and criminal law
  • arbitration and mediation
  • contracts and agreements
  • deeds and powers of attorney
  • company reports and prospectuses
  • mining and resources
  • manufacturing
  • medico-legal
  • environmental impact and remediation
  • construction
  • machinery
  • naval architecture
  • electrical power and transmission
  • automotive
  • surveying

In any task or field, my job as a professional translator is to take your document ‘brief’ and assist as your linguistic advocate. I can even help you to create content too (see the Testimonials). For more information, click Experience and Specialisation under the About tab. Or simply contact Mine Your Language directly to discuss your needs.