Spanish English Translation, Interpreting and Language Consulting

Reprints & Re-issues

  • If you ever lose your translation, I can reprint or reissue it for you.
  • It will have a new date, and state that it has been reissued at the client’s request.
  • Comparatively recent translations can often be simply reprinted using the documents already held in my records, and will not involve appreciable differences.
  • Older translations (say 2-3 years or more) can entail more administrative work and verification, and I might need you to send me a more recent scan of your document. This means a complete reissue rather than just a reprint.
  • In all cases there may also be some minor cosmetic changes in line with my current issuing practices at the time you apply.
  • If you have obtained a reprint or reissue and then find your old translation, I advise you to destroy the old translation to avoid any potential confusion.

Please note that reprints and reissues involve a nominal administrative fee based on time and postage –  see prices.