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Translation Equivalence

For anyone who is seeking translation services, I would recommend doing at least some brief research on what translation really involves. It seems that prospective translation buyers mostly shop around for price, and from there make a choice based on the qualifications or track record of the providers within their price bracket. But there isContinue Reading

ALABC Annual Sydney Dinner

Spent a very pleasant evening on Thursday 22/8 at the Sydney annual dinner for the Australia Latin America Business Council (ALABC). It was a couple of weeks back now, but a winter flu and some travel have hampered me from giving it its well-deserved plaudits until now. An accommodating venue at the Cockle Bay Wharf,Continue Reading

CAT Tools Overview for AUSIT ACT

On Saturday 7th Sept I will be off to Canberra to deliver a presentation on Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools for the ACT chapter of AUSIT. (Check their events calendar here). I spent a pleasant day last week with my long-time friend, collaborator and colleague Dr. Ignacio Garcia at the University of Western Sydney, kickingContinue Reading

Fraudsters and falsified documents

Now and then translators meet with requests to make certified translations of supposedly ‘official’ documents of highly suspect appearance. We are not specialists at authentication but there are some glaring signs when things are wrong. These include areas where watermarking and other security features have been partially blanked out or obscured, distorted text or imagesContinue Reading