Spanish English Translation, Interpreting and Language Consulting

How to Submit Your Documents

This is the process that I recommend:

  • You need to have an email address and know how to send an email attachment.
  • I don’t accept faxes because legibility is variable and often poor.
  • Take a quality digital scan of your document (save it as a PDF, JPEG or GIF file)
  • Save the scan in a special folder on your computer where you can always find it.
  • Send me the scan of your document as an email attachment.
  • For very large documents contact me directly and I can arrange an FTP for you.
  • Include your name and contact telephone; if we proceed I will also need your address for my translator’s declaration and the invoice.
  • I will quote you a price based on the scan you send me and your translation preference (full or pro-forma)

Your confidentiality is assured – if we do not proceed I will delete all scans you send me.