Spanish English Translation, Interpreting and Language Consulting

Your Translations

I will prepare your translations as follows:

Stage One – After you instruct me to proceed, I will

  • Ask you for your postal address if you have not already supplied it
  • Ask you for your invoicing details (e.g. your true or registered name and address, ABN details etc); these are also useful for my declaration
  • Print a copy of your scanned document
  • Translate the contents as a full or pro-forma
  • Email you a secure draft PDF of the translation for your inspection and approval.

Stage Two – After you accept the draft translation, I will

  • Add a declaration stating that I am a qualified translator and have prepared the document from a copy provided by you
  • Sign and stamp the translation
  • Sign and stamp the printed copy of your document
  • Send you the signed translation and signed copy by post with the invoice.

A word about your address:

  • a PO Box is fine for me to send you your translations, HOWEVER
  • when preparing my declaration I would prefer to use your true residential address (or business address in the case of companies or law firms) since they help establish you as a real person
  • your true name and address (such as appear on your passport, bills etc) are also advisable for invoicing, so you can claim any GST, eligible tax deductions etc.